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Take the Pain out of Tax Season – Forever

February 22, 2019

Take the Pain out of Tax Season – Forever

You know this saying — There are only two sure things in life: death and taxes.

With taxes comes many long days of preparation and many intense headaches. How many times has an employee (or you) said: Where is that critical receipt? If you’re a paper-based company, the reality is that these questions have been asked multiple times –something, sometime, somewhere is going to get lost or misplaced or even accidentally destroyed.

When this happens during tax season, this is far from being a good thing. Even if the gods are good and nothing has been lost, when a business is paper-based, countless hours are spent gathering needed documents, receipts, reports, etc. in order for taxes to be filed and paid.

Here at BiS, we’d like to offer you hope. Hope for a less stressful, more orderly tax season. Hope for complete assurance that not a single important detail has been left out of your tax filing. Hope for no need for long days and even longer nights put in by both you and your employees. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? It’s simple. Decide that this is the year your company is going paperLESS by incorporating document imaging and reaping the rewards.

Utilizing the indexing tools found in a true document imaging system will be an answered prayer to your Accounting Department. They’ll be able to not only scan but electronically index any important paper document crossing their desk throughout the year. Because multiple indexes can be assigned to each scanned item, when something is needed for taxes, reports, etc., it can be retrieved quickly and with little effort.

BiSscan was developed to meet your companies needs by encompassing document imaging as part of your records control plan. In addition to scanning current documents, we also offer back-end file conversion. When you’re finished with your tax files, we can convert them into indexed files making it easy to reference again when tax season rolls around next year.

Taxes aren’t going away, but making the process less painful is possible. Give me a call at 513-721-FILE (3453) and we’ll set up a time to meet to discuss how BiS can help you move in the right direction towards a more PaperLESS office.