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Go Paperless

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Pieces of Paper.

Cottage industries, small to medium businesses, and global corporations share one common denominator: paper. Every business transaction, from a sandwich shop receipt to a multi-million dollar contract, leaves a paper trail. Someone has to manage all that paper. And file it somewhere where employees can find it.

BiS, Cincinnati’s document imaging/scanning ninjas, can help you keep the trail and lose the paper.

BiS will help you determine which back files and older documents should remain in hard copy form and which would benefit from scanning to a digital image format. We’ll then design a BiSscan program that will convert all of your current and future documents into digital images.

Before you know it, overstuffed file cabinets, fax machines, and yes, paper cuts, will be replaced by instant file retrieval and electronic handling. Indexed documents can be pulled up on your computer screen and sent to whoever needs them – in the cubicle next door or across the globe – in a few clicks.

Of course, to claim that your company can become literally and totally paperless may be a stretch. But we can absolutely promise that you will have far less paper to deal with. That equates to lower operating costs and increased productivity.

Picture your company going “paperless.” You can make it happen.

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“BiS has been a UC supplier since 1997 so I knew I could rely on their integrity.”

Ron Cushing, International Student Services at UC