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Offsite Document Management Saves Time

Business Documents Are a Measure of Your Productivity. Managing Them – Not So Much.

The busier your company is, the more documents and records you’re likely to generate. And when you’re that busy, you need to take care of the tasks at hand.

Trying to babysit all that material isn’t very productive. Filing it; cataloging it; securing it; digitizing it; sharing it between departments or locations; and destroying it… That all takes time. Time that could be better spent doing business.

If your company is located in the Cincinnati area, SW Ohio, Indiana, or Kentucky, BiS is your local time-saver.

  • Our automated systems are based on the newest technologies to index, track, and provision your records quickly and accurately.
  • BiS’ document shredding and media destruction professionals offer a range of services that integrate seamlessly with your day-to-day business operations.
  • The BiScanTM system digitally scans your paper documents; creating electronic files that can be accessed and shared instantly via email or the Internet.
  • BiS Notify Tracking establishes a customized business records retention schedule that disposes of records – only upon your verification — when their usefulness, or legal purpose, has expired.

Manage your business documents – and your time – better.

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“BiS has been a UC supplier since 1997 so I knew I could rely on their integrity.”

Ron Cushing, International Student Services at UC