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United Air Specialists

It’s Not About Storage

Sue Kozminski, United Air Specialists

Are your business records a mess? When you want to find files, does it take hours of frustrating labor, going from box to box to find what you want? United Air Specialists (UAS) had that kind of “filing system” for years. “We really didn’t have a system for records control,” explains Sue Kozminski, records manager for UAS. “Our records were stored in hundreds of boxes stacked in self storage warehouses. It was almost impossible to retrieve records.

UAS has been successfully solving residential, commercial and industrial indoor air quality and environmental problems worldwide since 1966, by providing diverse products, such as dust collection, pollution control systems, electrostatic fluid spraying systems and industrial oil cleaning. As their business expanded over the years, though, their manual records storage system became unmanageable.

BiS Control Plan

UAS turned to BiS for help. “We took everything out of the warehouse, and put BiS barcode labels on all the boxes. Then we sent them over to BiS.” Relief came when BiS designed a Control Plan for all of UAS’s records. BiS Control Plans are used to organize and catalog records so that the BiS proprietary computer system can provide customized inventory reports. As a result, accessing records becomes as easy as looking up a phone number.

First, we identify every type of document the customer uses, and then determine the best way for the customer to find exactly what they are looking for,” says Frank Albi, BiS President and CEO. “This enables us to create enterprise-wide standardized terminology. Customized reports from individualized relational databases can then be created as hardcopy printouts, or digital files delivered electronically.

Customers can search for documents using index fields like date, department, customer name, model number, etc. “BiS made it easy for us to set up our Control Plan, and now that we have one, retrieving records is as easy as one-two-three. Our records are so accessible now,” says Sue.

Disposal Schedules

Disposal Schedules are also included with a Control Plan. Disposal dates are assigned to each category of records. BiS can then provide computer reports notifying customers when records become eligible for disposal. “We have scheduled disposal dates for all of our records so we don’t keep files too long. BiS doesn’t need to bring expired boxes to our office for destruction because, we ask them to destroy the records for us,” says Sue.

Not “Records Management”

BiS is not a storage company. BiS is a records control company focused on providing services to help customers know WHAT records they have, WHERE those records are located, and WHEN the records can be purged. BiS’ unique focus emphasizes disposing of records as soon as it makes sense to do so. This contrasts with conventional “records management” which emphasizes the use of cheap space and long-term storage.

Records control is one of those things that must be done,” insists Sue, “BiS makes it easy to comply with all the state and federal regulations on records. They help us every step of the way!