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Unison Industries LLC-Dayton

Error-Free Work Keeps Parts Flying

John Pyles, Unison

Unison Industries LLC-Dayton has grown from a one-car garage in 1950 to five plants located on two continents. Unison-Dayton uses “Lean Production Techniques” to manufacture complex, technically-advanced fluid and air tubing and ducts for use in aerospace.

Long-Term Needs

Since its products are built to fly, some of Unison-Dayton’s quality-control documentation must be kept as long as its parts are still “in the air”. It is no wonder Unison-Dayton must have precise control over its production records to provide good customer service over the long term.

John Pyles, Unison-Dayton Manager of Quality Systems, knows the importance of error-free manufacturing and the value of expert Records Control. Explains John, “If we don’t know what records we have, and where all those records are located, we might as well not have them at all.” That’s why Unison-Dayton wants a Records Control company that is as good at what it does as Unison-Dayton is at producing aerospace parts. “We have been with BiS since the mid 1990s. We have maintained our relationship with them over the long-term because BiS does the right job for Unison-Dayton.

Understanding the Customer

In addition to tracking the WHAT and WHERE of Unison-Dayton records, BiS also supports Unison-Dayton’s need to know for WHEN it’s time to dispose of stored records.

Our records have known life spans,” explains John. “We need to be able to retrieve our records throughout that lifespan, but once the retention period has been satisfied, we want the records disposed of.

Confidence Makes Life Easier

At BiS, we focus on doing our job so you can do your job. “The high level of confidence I have established with BiS permits me to focus on other business needs requiring my attention. As a result, proper records management is one thing I don’t need to worry about, and that makes my job easier,” explains John.

Disposal Creates Savings

Prompt disposal of expired records is BiS’ great strength. Since adopting advice to use BiS’ Notify Tracking system to monitor disposal schedules, Unison-Dayton has cut its volume of stored records by 32%. In John’s words, “Any time a supplier can help us cut an expense by 32%, they get our attention.

Service Keeps Customers

Part of Unison-Dayton’s mission is to exceed the expectations of its customers, and John expects the same from Unison-Dayton’s suppliers. “We take good care of customers, and we value suppliers who take good care of Unison-Dayton.” According to John, “Any time a system is in place for as many years as we have been using BiS, there are bound to be ‘issues’. Even when challenged by serious issues, BiS finds a way to make things work for Unison-Dayton! Understanding what we need, and finding a way to provide it has kept us with BiS over the long-term.” Some Quality Parts manufactured by Unison-Dayton for the Aerospace industry.

Supplying the Right Things

Just as Unison-Dayton works to perform over the long term to benefit customers, BiS focuses on doing all the right things. Says John, “BiS is far from being just a storage facility, it is a total records management service. Thanks to BiS’ ongoing efforts to educate me, I continue to recognize and appreciate this level of service.