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LSI Industries

More is NOT better. Sooner is Better.

Connie Clyburn, LSI Industries

Size isn’t everything, as LSI Industries (LSI) discovered. LSI was using a big national records storage company, but switched to BiS to get better control of records they had in storage.

LSI supplies inventive lighting and graphic products to niche markets around the world. It is the global leader in visual image solutions. LSI’s core values ofleadership, strength, and innovation together with its commitment to technology have been key to its success. That’s why LSI values BiS’s pioneering technology.

Manager of Administration, Connie Clyburn, assumed responsibility of LSI’s records in 2003. When BiS called on Connie, she quickly recognized LSI’s old off-site storage company wasn’t providing the records control services offered by BiS. “The old company“, explains Connie, “sent us no reports so offsite storage and records disposal was out-of-sight and out-of-mind.

BiS focuses on prompt disposal of expired documents not records storage. Connie continues, “After moving to BiS, it took us an entire day to go through what we had been storing. Some boxes were in very bad condition. Worse, we discovered over half of what we had been paying to store should have been destroyed long ago.

One of BiS’s most popular services is Notify Tracking. Explains Connie, “Each month BiS sends me a detailed notification listing the boxes eligible for disposal. That way I don’t have to worry about keeping records beyond their disposal limit. BiS lets me know when time’s up; I tell BiS whether on not to do the destruction.

Connie also likes BiS’s enhanced system for the description of contents of LSI’s boxes. She says, “Range Tracking helps us focus on labeling boxes better. That makes it quick and easy to retrieve records when we need them.

Connie sees other important differences between their old off-site storage company and BiS. “BiS’ office people are friendly and responsive. At BiS, I can talk to a live person located in Cincinnati. When I call, I don’t have to fight my way through a complicated answering system just to end up in someone’s voice mail. I could use BiS’ online system, but I prefer to call and talk to a real person that knows who I am and calls me by name.

It’s not just the friendly people that Connie likes at BiS. “BiS service is great. BiS people are ‘number one’ with me. I can’t say enough about them, especially the drivers. We have a two-story building with no elevator. Our accounting department, which is on the second floor, uses heavy boxes for storage, the kind with drawers. They’re twice the size of normal boxes. Our auditors were here recently. BiS trundled 55 of those big boxes up our stairs and didn’t complain a bit!

Since 1980, BiS records control experts have been helping customers determine when to destroy old records. Prompt disposal of expired records helps achieve compliance, save time, control cost, and reduce the risk and liability associated with information assets.