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J & B Steel Erectors (J & B)

BiSshield™ Vital Records Backup | $2.5M Investment Protected

Toya Estes, J & B Steel

J & B Steel Erectors (J & B) provides and installs structural and reinforcing steel. J & B uses integrity and innovative process improvement to execute industrial, commercial, and bridge projects in a wide range of size and complexity for public and private clients.

Building bridges and large retail buildings exposes contractors to a great deal of potential liability. So it is no surprise having full liability insurance has always been a top priority for J & B. The surprise for J & B was discovering how very important it is to keep expired insurance policies.

J & B President, Toya Estes, describes it this way, “We have always had good liability insurance. However, we recently learned that if we were ever sued over work we did in prior years we would need our policy from that year to make a claim.

One of BiS’ most important business missions is to help customers reduce risk and liability. For J & B that meant providing a way to backup all their insurance policies so they could be stored offsite for safekeeping.

According to Toya, “Since 1995, we have invested more than $2.5 million in insurance. Each policy was in a three-ring binder. I would NOT want to lose even one of those binders! That’s why I want to have them backed up.

Digital imaging was the perfect solution. BiS imaging guru, Nancy Day, led the effort to digitize the contents of all six linear feet of J & B binders on one three-inch USB Flash Drive.

As Toya explains it, “BiS picked up all our binders and in a matter of days returned them to us along with the Flash Drive I will keep at home. The process could not have been easier!

Backing up vital records should be part of every Business Continuity Plan. A company’s ability to stay in business after a fire, flood or other disaster depends on its capacity to recreate vital records. Imaged vital records can also be stored offsite electronically and accessed by authorized users from anywhere in the world by means of workstations that can connect to the Internet.

And what does Toya think about the cost of BiS’ imaging solution? “I feel much more secure about the safety of our insurance binders, and considering the investment J & B has in those policies the cost was negligible.

“BiSshield™ helped us with more than records backup,” Toya adds. “BiS showed us how to get our files in order. I have to admit we had things in files that really did not need to be saved in the first place. Implementing this solution forced us to clean up our files and become more organized.”