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Cincinnati (UC) International Services Office

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Ron Cushing, International Student Services at University of Cincinnati

Scholars from around the world come to the University of Cincinnati to study, teach, and conduct research. The University of Cincinnati (UC) International Services Office is responsible for collecting and maintaining all the information necessary to insure these academics comply with the myriad of regulations pertaining to foreign visitors.

Ron Cushing, Director of UC International Services explains, “This is highly sensitive, personal information used by the US Departments of Homeland Security, State, and Labor to insure compliance with all the regulations affecting our scholars from abroad. It is highly sensitive passport information that—in the wrong hands—could be used to commit document fraud and identity theft.

To improve operating efficiency, and become more eco-friendly, UC International Services made software changes to reduce its need for paper records. Once the new system was installed, it was necessary to digitize the legacy paper records that contained all the private data that had been amassed over the years. Further complicating the project was the fact that critical information needed to identify each file was hand-written on the outside cover of all file folders to be digitized.

Obviously the company I hired to digitize our records had to be totally trustworthy,” asserted Ron. “I was also very worried about potential mistakes capturing the hand-written information on the file covers. From the outset I knew I needed a trustworthy supplier, but I also needed one that would not bust our budget.

BiS has been a UC supplier since 1997,” says Ron, “so I knew I could rely on their integrity. But what really sold me on BiS was its imaginative proposal. Other companies must have been worried about capturing the information on the outside of the file folders because they wanted to charge me by the hour. BiS gave me a definite price so I knew exactly how much to budget.

According to BiS’ Nancy Day who assisted with the UC project for BiS, “BiS specializes in complicated jobs. We are willing and able to use our experience to create solutions to problems others find too difficult. We knew we’d need to use special procedures to process the UC files, but at BiS we thrive on challenges. We understood the unique demands of this project meant a creative approach would be necessary, but that didn’t bother us because BiS focuses on innovations to help customers save time and control cost.

Ron sums it up this way, “I anticipated many mismatches from our hand-written labeling and the sheer volume of files to be digitized. BiS staff did a great job of accurately translating the hand-written numbers into electronic files. The process was extremely efficient and their quality control was terrific. I was very pleased with the accuracy of the conversion and how easy it was to import the electronic data. Best of all, my project was completed on time and on budget!