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Cincinnati Equitable Insurance

Cincinnati Equitable “Insures” With BiS

When you’ve been protecting property since John Quincy Adams was president, you develop an appreciation for guarding what’s important. That’s why Cincinnati Equitable Insurance, founded in 1826, chooses to store its replaceable information with BiS.

Cincinnati Equitable writes coverage in Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. They generate lots of records, some stored as hard copy, and some in electronic form.

Establishing a back-up routine was easy thanks to BiS’s practical advice to Cincinnati Equitable, according to Senior Network Engineer, Mike Wilson. “BiS was very helpful,” Mike says. “They talked about best practices, and what types of tape rotations are both cost efficient and effective for disaster recovery purposes.

Protecting Business Assets

Our data is absolutely critical,” explains Mike. “Every state has data requirements we must follow to the letter!” Each day, Mike prepares the business-critical data Cincinnati Equitable would need to rebuild its business in the event of a disaster, for BiS to pickup.

Michelle Riley, Underwriting Manager, notes there’s another side to offsite storage. “We have so much paper in this industry,” Michelle says. “We’ve definitely improved the appearance of our office by not having paper on site. Being a small company we want our offices very presentable.

Files sent to BiS for long-term storage are only a phone call away. “We always receive files in a very timely manner,” Michelle notes. “When we need to know if a loss is covered, we’re able to retrieve files quickly and settle claims promptly.

Outstanding Help

BiS driver, John Godbey, has worked with Cincinnati Equitable for years. He is familiar with Cincinnati Equitable’s routine. “After working with us for so long, John has learned our schedule and procedures,” Mike says. “John knows us so well, he has even caught mistakes for us. He is invaluable.

Michelle also appreciates John’s proactive attitude. “John knows the layout of the office. When I request records, John sees to it they get to the right person.

Everyone I have dealt with at BiS has been outstanding,” Mike says. “It’s hard to say that without sounding like a shill for the company, but honestly, the level of professionalism from everyone has been wonderful.

In the end, BiS helps insure peace of mind. “BiS makes things easier for us in terms of how we manage our disaster recovery plan,” says Mike. “Knowing it’s taken care of and everything is in a safe place is very comforting and reassuring. It lets us focus on our business rather than recovery procedures.