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Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science (CCMS)

BiSscript™ | Imaging Student Records

Pat Sullivan, Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science

Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science (CCMS) is dedicated to providing a sound education for its students to help them prepare for a successful career in service to both the community and their profession. Pat Sullivan, the college’s Executive Director for Enrollment Management, is responsible for safeguarding student records dating back to 1882. That presented some special challenges for her.

In addition to maintaining student records for archival purposes, we needed a better way to produce official transcripts,” explains Pat. “For recent graduates we can produce transcripts from our database management system. But for older records we had to rely on a system that had been in use since the college’s early days. In addition, we needed a way to preserve our oldest records.

Electronic Imaging has emerged as the method of choice for solving problems like Pat’s. Imaging makes it fast and easy to both retrieve and protect old records. Explains Pat, “The best thing BiS has done for CCMS was to convert our outdated transcript retrieval system to a secure, efficient process.

Switching to imaging can be disruptive. Nancy Day, the BiS Customer Relationship Manager assigned to CCMS, knows how important it is to get customers off to a good start. “When BiS converts customers to BiSscan™ Imaging we make sure we solve the customer’s problem right from the start.

Pat describes it this way, “The initial process of scanning our records was very efficient and kept our down time to a minimum, which allowed us to continue to serve our alumni in a timely manner.

Business Process Improvement is a key objective of implementing imaging systems. Says Nancy, “We teach customers how imaging reduces document ‘touches’, speeds workflows, and eliminates misfiles.

As Pat sees it, “Nancy’s explanations, continuous communication, and step-by-step follow-up were instrumental to our successful conversion to BiSscan.” “Imaging can be confusing so I show customers how BiSscan eliminates misfiles and improves productivity“, says Nancy.

BiS’ goal is to provide what customers consider to be the right things, done the right way, on time, the first time, every time. Pat sums it up this way, “BiS’ customer service is matched by few. Flawless day-to-day operations, same-day service, friendly staff, and continuous feedback keep us on track so we can take care of OUR customers!