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About Us

We are Cincinnati’s Business Records Control Experts

Record Control Experts

At BiS, we understand that your documents are the heart of your business, and we don’t want you to miss a beat. Storage is important; however, we never lose sight of the fact that quick, easy access to your records is absolutely critical.

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How We Help?

Cut Cost. Save Time. Reduce Risk. Go Paperless. Achieve Compliance.
BiS can address all of these issues. And, best of all, if your business is located in the Cincinnati area, SW Ohio, Indiana or Kentucky, you can have your documents stored off-site, but still close at hand when you need them.

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Our History

Since 1980, which surpasses three decades, BiS has been serving Cincinnati businesses. Business Information Solutions, Inc. was founded in 1980 when Frank Albi introduced the concept of offsite data storage to Cincinnati, and began serving SW Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky businesses.

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Why BiS

BiS actively manages your business records and documents while ensuring security, accessibility, and compliance with regulatory issues so that you can concentrate on running your day-to-day business. We don’t just stack your material in a warehouse. We treat it as if your success depends on it.

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About Frank Albi

Frank is the founder, and owner-operator, of Business Information Solutions, Inc., Cincinnati’s first off-site records center. A native of Denver,
he graduated from University of Colorado in Boulder where he earned his BA in 1969, and MA in 1977.

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Organizations Using our Services

Here are just a few of the organizations who choose to do business with us.

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