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Would You Like to Have a PaperLess Office?

November 15, 2017

I once heard it said there is no business transaction of any importance that’s not followed from start to finish by a piece of paper.

Learn how to use less paper. Become PaperLess.

Is a “paperless” office even possible? Certainly not in today’s world. We all sit at desks covered with paper even as we are all conscientiously trying to use less paper. While we might not be able to eliminate paper in our offices anytime soon, we can continue to reduce the amount of paper we use. I call this becoming more paperLESS. So, what can you do today to help your company boost productivity by reducing the reliance on paper?

This is what we know: We all have lots and lots of paper on our desks and most of it will end up shredded and NOT retained for future use. That’s because almost all of our paper documents were “born digital” in MS-Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Dynamics, Peachtree, etc. If we need an old record, we simply print it again.

What’s the PaperLess Challenge?

The challenge is how to move from offices filled with paper to offices that are more paperLESS. Many people try to accomplish this by using a multifunction copier to create pdf files. But then they have no easy way to organize these files for access and retrieval.

True imaging systems allows the organization of records with any number of indexes. For example, customer invoices can be indexed by invoice number, vendor number, P.O. number, date, etc. This way you are able retrieve a specific invoice record by number. You can retrieve all the invoices paid on a particular P.O.; or you can instantly see all the invoices received from a particular vendor during a particular period.

True imaging systems like BISscan™ allow emails, faxes, and other records born digitally to be stored in their native mode (i.e. Word, Excel, etc.) so that if you need them in paper form, you can print them at a later date.

Isn’t that much better than printing documents only to “pdf” them, and then shred what has been scanned? Thankfully, there is a better way! BIS provides document imaging solutions that cut costs, save time, and reduce risk. Not only will you eliminate the stacks and stacks of paper that clog your office, you will be able to provide better service to your own customers.

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