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Sometimes, All You Have to Do Is Ask

January 31, 2017

Finding a solution is sometimes as easy as asking for help - BiSHave you ever had a business problem that seemed insurmountable — until you talked to the right person who had a surprisingly simple solution?

First, you think “I wish I had thought of that!” Then, you realize your problem can be fixed with an easy solution, and you can cross another big task off your to-do list.

This very phenomenon happened by chance at a committee meeting I attended recently. After the meeting ended, the committee chair (who is the vice president of HR at her company) and I were discussing personnel records. She mentioned that her legal counsel advised her to dispose of all corporate HR records seven years after the “date of action” (when the record was created).

“How’s that going for you?” I asked her. “It isn’t,” she said, explaining that identifying and disposing of every “expired” record in a timely manner was too complicated, time-consuming and overwhelming for her HR department to handle. So they just gave up completely, and didn’t purge at all.

I pointed out that if the records were scanned and saved in digital form, it would be easy, quick and painless to follow her legal counsel’s advice. They could simply date each record in a computer database, and set up a system to delete the record when it reached its seven-year expiration date.

That sounded pretty good to her, so she asked if my company, BIS, offered such a service. At that moment, I had to tell her no — but after our conversation, I realized this kind of thing would benefit a number of our customers. And that’s how our new BIS4HR™ document imaging offering was born!

Now, my committee chair friend can hand off the complex task of HR records purging to us. We can scan documents as they are received, and they become scanned images that are precisely indexed on a separate internet server, where they can be accessed instantly by any authorized person. (And of course, deleted after they’re no longer relevant or useful.)

Click over to the BIS site for six benefits of HR document imaging and see how we could take something off your to-do list.

Your Turn: Ever have an ah-ha conversation like the one I had with my VP of HR friend? Please share your story about a seemingly difficult problem you solved when you talked to the right person or company.