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Document Scanning: Backing up Your Important Records

Introducing BiSscan™ – Document scanning at its sharpest.

We offer document scanning at our location or yours. Our associates are experts at scanning. Before we begin any job, we study, analyze and recommend options for a winning outcome for your needs.

Our proprietary technology scans your hard copy records, creating digital files that are easy to store and retrieve. No more rummaging through file cabinets or boxes; no more copying or faxing duplicates between multiple departments or locations; no more lost or damaged documents; and no more headaches.

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BiS document scanning is all about saving you time, money, and worry.

  • Your authorized employees enjoy concurrent access to scanned documents within or across different areas of your company (for example HR or Accounting Departments)
  • Prevent costly misfiling, loss, damage, or theft of critical business records
  • Reduce expenses by eliminating copying, faxing, and filing of hard-copy materials
  • Scan-on-Demand lets you scan records as you need them, and sends them via the internet or email
  • Save physical storage space with digital back-file conversion of less frequently need documents

Here’s why document imaging makes so much sense for you.

  • Faster disaster recovery
  • Instant document access via the Internet
  • Concurrent file availability across/within departments or office locations
  • Centrally stored documents are easy to find
  • Documents can be scheduled for regulated review & disposal
  • Automated notifications can be easily programmed (e.g. lease, or insurance policy status)Greater cost-efficiency and security

Imaged documents even a lawyer can love!

According to the Uniform Electronic Transaction Act (UETA), electronic records and signatures are as legal as paper and physical signatures in 47 states. Learn more here.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“BiS has been a UC supplier since 1997 so I knew I could rely on their integrity.”

Ron Cushing, International Student Services at UC

July 24, 2017