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Data Breach Reporting Service: Privacy Protection Platform

Introducing the CSR Privacy Protection Data Breach Reporting Platform

At BiS™ the security of your information assets is a top priority. Can you say the same is true for all your employees and other suppliers with access to those assets? Probably not because bulletins about privacy breaches are continually in the news.

Too many managers think their companies could not suffer a data breach because their companies do not store private information. The fact is, Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is everywhere, breaches happen all the time, and breaches—even those caused by a third party—can have a substantial negative impact.

For example, recently T-Mobile customers were notified their social security numbers were compromised not by T-Mobile, but by Experian, T-Mobile’s supposedly-secure credit reporting service. Though it was not at fault, T-Mobile was still left scrambling to deal with the breach and rebuild its tarnished reputation.

Nearly all data breaches can be prevented. For that reason, BiS enrolls our customers in the Privacy Protection Platform™ developed by the certified information privacy professionals at CSR Professional Services so that you can reduce the risk of a privacy breach. This Platform includes both the CSR Readiness™, a risk self-assessment program, and the award-winning CSR Breach Reporting Service™.

What is a breach?

Breaches occur when PII can be used to identify specific individuals is compromised. Data that is not PII (e.g. “01/15/1975”) can become PII if it can be combined with other non-PII (e.g. “John Doe”) to identify a specific person like the John Doe born on January 15, 1975. Unfortunately, this means that virtually every business is susceptible to suffering a breach of PII.

Why do I need CSR Services?

CSR’s Privacy Protection Platform can help strengthen efforts to prevent breaches of PII. And in the event of an actual or suspected breach, CSR’s certified privacy professionals will assess your situation to see what actions —if any—must be taken. They know what information is required to be reported, where such reports must go, how consumer notifications must be sent, and when deadlines to comply occur. If authorities and consumers must be notified, CSR will file the required breach reports on your behalf and, with your input, CSR can prepare consumer notifications. All you do is call the CSR toll-free number.

CSR Readiness Program helps prevent breaches.

Your responsibility for data protection encompasses all paper records and electronic files containing PII. Using the CSR Readiness Program can minimize reputational damage, loss of sales, fines, and lawsuits. This package provides a self-guided, online questionnaire to help assess the risk of PII loss. Following the assessment of your completed questionnaire by CSR you will receive best practices and recommendations to help you comply with legal requirements to safeguard PII data and train your employees to effectively stop breaches before they happen.

CSR Privacy Protection Platform Proudly promotes your IDStaySafe certification.

 Upon successful completion of the CSR Readiness Program, your business will earn CSR’s Certificate of Completion and IDStaySafe™ seal to display on your website and include in your promotional materials. The certificate and seal affirm your company’s commitment to protecting Personally Identifiable Information. Each year, you can renew your certificate through the use of the Readiness Assessment tool to be sure your company continues to observe established best practices for protecting PII.

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